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Reference Guides

Reference Guides

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Readers & Credentials - Access Readers & Credentials
CV-7600 App and Credential Set-up [PDF]
All Active Switches - Activation All Active Switches
Camden Push Plate Switch_Cross Reference [PDF]
Guide To OBC Compliant Push Plate Switches_R2 [PDF]
Guide To OBC Compliant Push Plate Switches_French_R2 [PDF]
Push Plate Switch Cross Reference [PDF]
OBC Compliant Push Plate Switches_R2 [PDF]
OBC Compliant Push Plate Switches_French_R2 [PDF]
Push Button Switch Cross Reference [PDF]
Column Switch PowerPoint Presentation [PDF]
CM-75 Product Comparison [PDF]
Hands Free Switches - Activation Hands Free Switches
SureWave™/ValueWave™ Product Comparison Chart_R1 [PDF]
SureWave™ Model Selection Guide 2022 [PDF]
SureWave™ Touchless Switch Presentation - 2022 [PDF]
SureWave™ Application Guide 2022 [PDF]
Key Switches - Activation Key Switches
Key Switch_Cross Reference [PDF]
Camden Key Switch_Cross Reference [PDF]
Key Switch_Cross Reference [PDF]
Keypads - Activation Keypads
CM-120_Product Comparison [PDF]
Mushroom Push Buttons - Activation Mushroom Push Buttons
Push/Exit Button_Cross Reference [PDF]
Push Button Switch_Cross Reference [PDF]
Power Transfer Cables - Activation Power Transfer Cables
Special Purpose Products_Cross Reference [PDF]
Push / Exit Buttons - Activation Push / Exit Buttons
Camden Push Button_Switch Cross Reference [PDF]
Push Button Switch_Cross Reference [PDF]
Push/Exit Button_Cross Reference [PDF]
Push Button Switch Cross Reference [PDF]
Camden Key Switch_Cross Reference [PDF]
REX PIR Detector - Activation REX PIR Detector
CM-RQE70_Comparison Chart [PDF]
Special Purpose Products Cross Reference [PDF]
RF Wireless - Activation RF Wireless
Lazerpoint RF_Product Comparision [PDF]
Special Purpose Switches - Activation Special Purpose Switches
Special Purpose Products_Cross Reference [PDF]
Adjustable Time Delays - Control Adjustable Time Delays
Special Purpose Products Cross Reference [PDF]
Annunciators - Control Annunciators
Emergency Call System Application Guide_R3 [PDF]
Door Control Relays - Control Door Control Relays
Relay Selection Chart_R1 [PDF]
CX-33 Product Comparison Chart [PDF]
Restroom Control - Control Restroom Control
Restroom Control_Design Guide_R8 [PDF]
Emergency Call_Design Guide_R5 [PDF]
OBC Compliant Push Plate Switches_Design Guide [PDF]
CX-WC11AFM-PS_3 Part Project Spec [DOCX]
CX-WC11AFM-PS_Riser Diagram [PDF]
CX-WC11ASM-PS_System Design Drawing [PDF]
CX-WC11ASM-PS_ 3 Part Project Spec [DOCX]
CX-WC13AXFM Riser Drawing [PDF]
CX-WC13AXFM_Unsecured_Wiring Diagram [PDF]
CX-WC13AX & WEC10 Wiring Diagram [PDF]
CX-WC13AXFM-PS_System Design Drawing [PDF]
CX-WC13AXFM-PS_3 Part Project Spec [DOCX]
CX-WC13AXFM-PS_Riser Diagram [PDF]
CX-WC13AX_Unsecured_Wiring Diagram [PDF]
CX-WC13AXSM-PS_System Design Drawing [PDF]
CX-WC13AXSM-PS_3 Part Project Spec [DOCX]
CX-WC13ASM-PS_Riser Diagram [PDF]
CX-WC13X Riser Drawing [PDF]
CX-WC13X_Unsecured_Wiring Diagram (French) [PDF]
CX-WC13FM & WEC10 Wiring Diagram [PDF]
CX-WC14AXFM-PS_System Design Drawing [PDF]
CX-WC14AXFM-PS_3 Part Project Spec [DOCX]
CX-WC14AXFM-PS_System Design Drawing [PDF]
CX-WC14AXSM-PS_System Design Drawing [PDF]
CX-WC14AXSM-PS_3 Part Project Spec [DOCX]
CX-WC14AXSM-PS_Riser Diagram [PDF]
CX-WC14X Wiring Diagram [PDF]
CX-WC15 Wiring Diagram_Unsecured [PDF]
CX-WC15 Wiring Diagram_Unsecured (French) [PDF]
CX-WC16-PS_System Design Drawing [PDF]
CX-WC16-PS_3 Part Project Spec [DOCX]
CX-WC16-PS_Riser Diagram [PDF]
CX-WC17-PS_Riser Diagram [PDF]
CX-WC17-PS_Wiring Diagram [PDF]
CX-WC17-PS_Wiring Diagram_Secured [PDF]
CX-WC17-PS_Wiring Diagram_Unsecured [PDF]
CX-WC17-PS 3 Part Project Spec [DOCX]
CX-WEC10BK2_System Design Drawing [PDF]
CX-WEC10BK2_3 Part Project Spec [DOCX]
CX-WEC10BK2_Riser Drawing [PDF]
CX-WEC10CK2_System Design Drawing [PDF]
CX-WEC10CK2_3 Part Project Spec [DOCX]
CX-WEC10CK2_Riser Drawing [PDF]
CX-WEC10K2_System Design Drawing [PDF]
CX-WEC10K2_3 Part Project Spec [DOCX]
CX-WEC10K2_Riser Drawing [PDF]
Electric Strikes - Locking Electric Strikes
Strikes Cross Reference [PDF]
Strikes Installer Guide [PDF]
CX-ED1410_Product Comparison [PDF]
CX-ED1579L_Product Comparison [PDF]
CX-EPD1289L Product Comparison [PDF]
Magnetic Locks - Locking Magnetic Locks
Guide To Code Compliant Installation of Magnetic Locks [PDF]
Magnetic Lock Cross Reference [PDF]
Camden Magnetic Lock Cross Reference [PDF]
Guide To Code Compliant Mag lock Installation [PDF]
CX-DE1200 Cross Reference Chart [PDF]
CX-DE1200 Product Comparison Chart [PDF]


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