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Wednesday, September 4, 2013
CX-33 Advanced Logic Relay for Restroom Control

Check out the new CX-33 Advanced Logic Relay from Camden Door Controls. It is a leading-edge door controller, ideal for single occupant washrooms with low energy operators installed and includes a dedicated output for illuminated signage.

Built for operation in a huge range of locking and/or automatic door applications, the relay also works well with apartment entry applications, because it can have a direct connection to the phone entry panel. This simplifies wiring and removes the need for an isolating relay.

It is particularly versatile because of its size; it is small enough to fit in most door operator cases. Other applications for the CX-33 include smoke evacuation (fire doors), 2-door timed or latching airlocks, and access control situations where an extended trigger input results in the lock retracting and enabling an exterior wall switch.

This controller is unique in that it can combine its sequencing function and safety sensor installation modes with a switching network (make/break relay).

The CX-33 is easy to program, with a large 3-segment LED and simple push buttons. It is pre-programmed for interconnection between access control, fire alarm, and telephone entry systems. It provides a best-in-class range of 13 operating modes, with sub-modes.

The CX-33 is also part of several restroom control kits that Camden has developed for a variety of design options.

In developing our products, Camden is guided by innovation and the vision of ease of doing business with us. That's why we have created specialized kits, guides and even a special section on our web site to ensure that our customers have everything they need for a successful install in the right application.

The CX-33 logic relay carries a 3 year manufacturer's warranty.

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