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Select the Correct Mounting Boxes Escutcheons And Bollards Effortlessly

Select the Correct Mounting Boxes Escutcheons And Bollards Effortlessly

Tuesday, September 3, 2013
Select the Correct Mounting Boxes, Escutcheons and Bollards Effortlessly

To provide you with better guidance when choosing from our wide variety of mounting boxes, escutcheons and bollards (posts), Camden has expanded the enclosure section in our Price List and added more descriptions and pictures of items. 

Compatible mounting boxes, escutcheons and bollards are now clearly listed on each product page of the company web site. There is no longer any need to consult charts or other documents. Each Camden product listing shows the recommended, compatible, mounting options that are offered for each switch. The listing also has an expandable thumbnail image with full description, size and the list price.

Camden has updated our online Switch Selection Wizard to display the compatible enclosures as part of every results page and has also revised the specification sheet to provide dimensional drawings, descriptions, applications and listing of compatible switches. The new spec sheet is available for download on our site  at

Offering the most complete line of mounting boxes and enclosures and making it easier for you to decide on the best solution for each product are just two more examples of how Camden stands out from the competition!

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