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Say Hello To Our New Generation of SureWave Switches

Say Hello To Our New Generation of SureWave Switches

Friday, April 1, 2016
Say Hello To Our New Generation of SureWave™ Switches

All models are wireless ready. CM-330: Wireless, battery-powered; CM-331: Line-powered, with one relay and optional wireless; CM-332: Line-powered, with two relays and optional wireless; and, CM-333:Battery-powered, with one relay and optional wireless.

Breaking beyond the typical one foot range limit, the CM-331, 332 and 333 models can function as area detectors with an operating range of up to SIX FEET. This capability is an especially significant benefit for assisting the disabled and for applications such as at double shipping doors. The CM-332 model is the first hands-free switch to offer two relays, with (3) selectable sensor operating modes and (4) relay operating modes, including door sequencing. The CM-333 model is the first touchless switch to offer battery power with a wired relay, which enables the switch to be instantly used in place of any non-powered door control pushbutton or push plate.

An optional light ring providing a visual indication of door or switch status is available for all line- powered single gang SureWave™ models. All SureWave™ models are also Lazerpoint RF™ 915Mhz spread spectrum wireless compatible, with either built-in or easy plug-in wireless transmitters.

SureWave™ CM-330 Series switches are ROHS and ADA compliant. The rugged construction and heavy duty relay rating make SureWave™ switches ideal for use on low-energy automatic doors, drive-up windows, and interior and exterior doors - virtually any door control application. SureWave™ innovative designs are exclusive to Camden Door Controls and the long list of features are simply not available elsewhere.


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