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Complete Kits With Everything You Need For Your Restroom Control Applications

Complete Kits With Everything You Need For Your Restroom Control Applications

Monday, September 30, 2013
Complete Kits with Everything You Need for Your Restroom Control Applications!

Traditionally, control of automatic doors in restrooms have used the same components as those used in entrance/egress applications (with minor tweaks), but Camden's current restroom controls kits use a range of system components that have been designed to serve specific requirements and significantly improving the access to restrooms by people with disabilities.
In fact, the CX-WC Kits feature exclusive Camden products you won't find anywhere else.
But we went even further to help you design the best solutions, Camden has included in our new application section of our web site a new guide, specifically for door control in restroom applications, Code Compliant Control of Automatic Doors in Restroom Applications - A Practical Guide for Equipment Specifiers and Installers. The guide provides an extensive range of information including a summary of codes, the system components, a range of system design options, project specifications and point-to-point wiring schematics. 
The bottom line is that these kits simplify ordering and save money on an installation. We developed the kits to make sure that you have successful installs using the right products for the right application.
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