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Catch Camden S New TouchlessWave Video

Catch Camden S New TouchlessWave Video

Friday, December 11, 2020
Catch Camden's New TouchlessWave Video!

While the COVID-19 era has sparked a huge demand for touchless access control solutions, we at Camden have been developing no-touch technology for more than 15 years. We produced this seven minute video to acquaint viewers with our wide range of no touch and low touch solutions. They include Camden's No Touch switches, wireless fobs, Request to Exit Detectors, Lazerpoint wireless devices, as well as low touch push plate switches, and Lazerpoint battery operated transmitter.

The video can be viewed on YouTube via this link:

We produced our TouchlessWave video as part of our comprehensive effort to assist installers, facility managers, architects and system specifiers in responding to the new 'wave' of requirements for touchless door control. Each of our no touch and low touch solutions are featured in this video, which will serve as a valuable resource for installers and their end users. Camden has been investing in touchless technologies for years, and we are pleased to offer support during this transitional time to touchless access control solutions.


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