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Camden S Line of Column 36 And 9 Push Plate Switches Available

Camden S Line of Column 36 And 9 Push Plate Switches Available

Tuesday, September 3, 2013
Camden's Line of Column™ 36" and 9" Push Plate Switches Available

We've introduced a new class of door activation with the launch of our line of Column™ 36" and 9" Push Plate Switches.  Designed to provide a highly accessible and convenient means of door activation, they can be activated from any height or angle by hand, arm, body or foot.

ADA compliant and because it exceeds the California Building Code requirements (section 1117B.6) is now no need to install two switches.  There is a compliant push plates at standard mounting height as well as a second push plate at 3" height. The new Column™ line is the only push plate that has two redundant UL listed internal switches with heavy duty 15 Amp. SPDT Form 'C' contacts.

Both architects and end users love it! With more features and options than any other product on the market, Camden's 36" and 9" push plate switches have been designed to lead the industry in attractiveness, quality, features and competitive value.

In addition, the new push plate switches come with a semi-flush surface mount that doesn't require a back box and it can be installed on dry wall without the drywall breaking from heavy traffic.

The heavy duty, extruded aluminum construction, with no internal wires exposed to moving parts, is designed for high traffic, outdoor, applications and ensures years of trouble free service. To top it off, the new Column™ 36" and 9" Push Plate Switches are aesthetically pleasing, featuring a low profile contoured design in clear aluminum and dark bronze.

Plus, our Column™ push plate switches come with the option for blank, wheelchair only, 'Push to Open' only or wheelchair/'Push to Open' graphics and custom graphics are available on request.

The end cap can be quickly removed for easy service and installation (either wired or wireless for a 'Snap-in' installation of Camden Lazerpoint RF™ 900Mhz. wireless transmitter). The threaded leveling screws allow for mounting on uneven wall surfaces. Color matched and prepped 42" and 48" aluminum bollards provide an attractive, easy to install outdoor mounting solution.
We're offering a three year warranty coupled with our exclusive 'Road Test' money-back guarantee.

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