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Camden Re Invents The Request To Exit Detector

Camden Re Invents The Request To Exit Detector

Thursday, November 30, 2017
Camden Re-Invents The Request-To-Exit Detector

This 'full featured' REX detector includes door contact, card reader and switch inputs, two relay outputs, sounder and tamper alarm - and factory default operating modes that are selectable by the press of a button on the circuit board.

Elegantly designed, Camden fashioned the CM-RQE70 to be smaller, so it can be installed in more places, most practically, onto door frames. To accommodate customized detector settings, on-board push buttons can also be used to fully customize the operating modes. Detector mounting and wiring is quick and easy with a plug-in wiring harness. CM-RQE70 is more than a new REX detector, it represents an entirely new approach to REX detector design.


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