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CX ED0010 Electromechanical Cabinet Lock

CX ED0010 Electromechanical Cabinet Lock

Thursday, July 11, 2024
CX-ED0010 Electromechanical Cabinet Lock

Camden Door Controls introduces to market the CX-ED0010 Electromechanical Cabinet Lock. Representative of the impressive technological evolution in secure locking systems, it is designed for a wide range of enclosures that use swinging doors, drawers, and sliding doors. This lock introduces the flexibility of operating in either field selectable fail-safe or fail-secure modes and supports both 12V and 24V power supplies.

The CX-ED0010's flexibility meets the varying security needs specific to such places as computer cabinets, lockers, retail display counters, and medical and cannabis dispensaries. It features front mounting for use with office drawers, display cabinets, etc. and the strike plate easily adjusts to door alignment. Door and lock status sensors provide real-time security status, further enhancing the functionality of the CX-ED0010.

For more information, visit the CX-ED0010 product page here.


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