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Spec Sheets
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Adjustable Time Delays
CX-1000/74: MicroMinder
» CX-1000-74-Spec Sheet -R1
CX-1000/77: MaxiMinder
» CX-1000-77-Spec Sheet
CX-1085M: Pneumatic Time Delays
» CX-1085M-Spec Sheet-R1
CM-AF500 Series: LED Annunciators
» CM-AF500 Series_Spec Sheet-R7
CX-LED: Single Gang LED Plates
» CX-LED Series_Spec Sheet - R2
Cabinet Locks
CX-EL 90 Series: Battery Powered Prox Locks
» CX-EL90 Prox Cabinet Locks-Spec Sheet-R1
CX-EL 91 Series: Cabinet Locks
» CX-EL90/91 Series-Spec Sheet
Door Alarms
CX-DA Series: Door Monitor Alarm
» CM-DA400 Series Spec Sheet
CX-DA Series: Door Prop Alarms
» CM-DA100/200/300 Series Spec Sheet
Door Control Relays
CX-12: Switching Network
» CX-12-Spec Sheet-R1
CX-22: Dual Function Relay
» CX-22-Spec Sheet-R2
CX-29: Switching Network (for use with mag locks)
» CX-29 Spec Sheet
CX-33: Advanced Logic Relay
» CX-33 Advanced Logic Relay_Spec Sheet-R2
CX-EMF-2: Multi-function Relay
» CX-EMF-2 Multi Function Relay_Spec Sheet--R1
CX-SA-1: Door Sequencer
» CX-SA-1 Door Control Relay-Spec Sheet-R2
Electric Strikes
09 Series: Glass Door Strikes
» CX-09 Series_Spec Sheet_R1
CX-ED1079L/DL: 'Universal' Low & Std. Profile Gr. 1 Electric Strikes
» LIT-SP-ED1079-R5
CX-ED1410: 'Universal' Gr.1 ANSI Fire Electric Strike
» CX-ED1410_Spec Sheet
CX-ED2071/ED2079: 'Universal' Low Profile Gr. 2 Electric Strike
» LIT-SP-ED2071-2079-R3
Series 00: Value Line Strikes
» SP-00 Series-Spec Sheet-R1
Series 10: BHMA Grade 1
» CX-10 Series-Spec Sheet
Series 20: BHMA Grade 2
» CX-20 Series-Spec Sheet
Series 20: Pre Load Electric Strikes
» CX-20 (Preload) Series-Spec Sheet-R1
Series 22: BHMA Grade 2 Rim Strike
» CX-22_Spec Sheet-R1
Magnetic Locks
CX-90/91 Series: Single Door Magnetic Locks
» CX Series Mag Locks_Spec Sheet-R3
CX-92 Series: Double Door Magnetic Locks
» CX Series Mag Locks_Spec Sheet-R3
CX-94 Series: Gate Locks
» CX Series Mag Locks_Spec Sheet-R3
CX-Series: Magnetic Lock Accessories
» CX Series Mag Locks_Spec Sheet-R3
Power Supplies
» CX-PS10UL/30UL/60UL Power Supply_Spec Sheet-R1
» CX-PS10UL/30UL/60UL Power Supply-Spec Sheet-R1
Restroom Control Kits
CX-WC/WEC: Restroom Control Kits
» CX-WEC Series Emergency Call System Kits_Spec Sheet-R3
» CX-WC Series Restroom Control System_Spec Sheet_R1
: Transformers
» CX Series Transformers-Spec Sheet-R1
All Active Switches
CM-25, CM-26CB & CM-35 Series: Narrow & Single Gang Push Plate Switches
» CM-25_Spec Sheet-R2
» CM-35_Spec Sheet-R4
CM-2510 & CM-2520 Series: Double Gang Push Plate Switches
» CM-2510&2520_Spec Sheet-R2
CM-40, CM-41 & CM-60 Series: Round Push Plate Switches
» CM-40-41_Spec Sheet-R5
» CM-60_Spec Sheet-R4
CM-45/46 Series: All-Active - 4 1/2 Inch Square
» CM-45-46_Spec Sheet-R4
CM-49, 79, 59S and 89S: Surface and Flush Mount Escutcheons (for round push plate switches)
» CM-MOUNTBX_Spec Sheet-R3
CM-54, CM-55 & CM-57 Series: Illuminated Push Plate Enclosures & Switch Kits
» CM-54i-55i&57GR_Spec Sheet-R2
CM-75: Column™ 36" and 9" Push Plate Switches
» CM-75_Spec Sheet-R3
: Enclosures and Mounting Boxes
» CM-MOUNTBX_Spec Sheet-R5
: Mounting Posts
» CM-42&48_Spec Sheet-R4
Automatic Door Control Switches
CM-160, CM-170, CM-180 Series: Automatic Operator Control Key Switches
» CM-160-170-180 Series_Spec Sheet-R1
Hands Free Switches
CM-330, 324 & 325: SureWave(tm) Touchless Switches
» CM-330 Series Specification Sheet-R1
» CM-324 Series Specification Sheet-R2
» CM-325 Series Specification Sheet-R1
Key Switches
CM-1000 Series: Key Switches - Cast Aluminum Faceplate and Surface Box
» CM-1000_Spec Sheet-R4
CM-1100 & CM-2000 Series: Flush Mount Key Switches - Cast Aluminum Faceplate
» CM-1100-2000_Spec Sheet-R4
CM-1200 & CM-2200 Series: Key Switches - Stainless Steel Faceplate, Flush
» CM-1200-2200 Series_Spec Sheet-R3
CM-3200 & CM-3500 Series: Double Gang Key Switches - Stainless Steel Faceplate
» CM-3200-3500 Series_Spec Sheet-R3
CM-100, 400 and 500 Series: Surface Mount Keypads
» CM-100SN V2-Spec Sheet
CM-110 and CM-550 Series: Surface Mount Keypads
» CM-550SK_Spec Sheet-R1
» CM-CM110SK_Spec Sheet-R2
CM-120: Flush Mount Wired and Wireless Keypads
» CM-120_Spec Sheet-R1
» CM-120TX_Spec Sheet-R2
CM-600 Series: Piezoelectric Keypads
» CM-626&634_Spec Sheet-R2
Mushroom Push Buttons
CM-3000/3100 Series: Illuminated Mushroom Pushbutton
» CM-3000&3100_SpecSheet-R3
CM-400 Series: 1 5/8" Mushroom Pushbutton with Stainless Steel Faceplate
» CM-400&500_Spec Sheet-R5
CM-4000/4100: 1 5/8" Mushroom Push button with Aluminum Faceplate
» CM-4000-4100_SpecSheet-R2
» CM-4000-5000-7000-8000_Spec Sheet-R3
CM-5000 Series: Mushroom Pushbutton with Aluminum Faceplate (Single Gang)
» CM-5000_SpecSheet-R1
» CM-4000-5000-7000-8000_Spec Sheet-R3
CM-6000 Series: Locking Push Buttons
» CM-6000_Spec Sheet-R1
Push / Exit Buttons
CM-250/280 Series: Stainless Steel Economy Buttons
» MC-250&280_Spec Sheet-R1
» CM-250_Spec Sheet
CM-30 Series: Square Illuminated Push/Exit Switch
» CM-30_Spec Sheet-R1
CM-300/310 Series: Rectangular Illuminated Switch
» CM-300&310_SpecSheet-R2
CM-30EE/AT: 2" Square Illuminated Push/Exit Switch, with electronic timer
» CM-30EE-AT_Spec Sheet-R1
CM-7000/7100 Series: Medium Duty Vandal Resistant Push Buttons (Recessed Button)
» CM-7000-7100_SpecSheet-R1
» CM-4000-5000-7000-8000_Spec Sheet-R3
CM-8000/8100 Series: Medium Duty Vandal Resistant Push Buttons(Extended Button)
» CM-8000-8100_SpecSheet-R1
» CM-4000-5000-7000-8000_Spec Sheet-R3
CM-9000/9100: Mechanical Vandal Resistant Push/Exit Switch
» CM-9000-9100_SpecSheet-R4
CM-9280/9380: 1" Piezoelectric Push/Exit Switch
» CM-92&9380_Spec Sheet-R1
CM-9600/9610: Illuminated Piezoelectric Push/Exit Switch
» CM-96&9610_SpecSheet-R1
CM-9700/9710: 2" Piezoelectric Push/Exit Switch
» CM-9700-9710_SpecSheet-R3
REX PIR Detector
CM-RQE70: PIR ‘Request to Exit’ Detectors
» CM-RQE70 Spec Sheet
RF Wireless
Lazerpoint RF: 915Mhz. Wireless Door Control System
» Lazerpoint RF_Spec Sheet-R8
Lazerpoint RF: 915Mhz. Wireless Switch Kits
» Lazerpoint RF_Spec Sheet-R8
Special Purpose Switches
CM-419: Request-to-Exit Sensor
» CM-SP-419_Spec Sheet-R1
CM-700 Series: Pull Stations
» CM-700_Spec Sheet-R2
CM-800 Series Rocker: Rocker Switches
» CM-800_Spec Sheet-R2
Ceiling Pull Switches
CI-WPS1/SCP1 Series: Ceiling Pull Switches
» CI-SCP&WPS_Spec Sheet-R2
Key / Gate Switches
CI-1KF Series: Interior Use Industrial Key Switches
» CI-1K SERIES_Spec Sheet-R2
CI-1KX Series: Exterior Use Industrial Key Switches
» CI-1K SERIES_Spec Sheet-R2
: CI-GKS Gate Switches - Industrial
» CI-1K Series_SpecSheet_Sept09
» CI-1K Series_SpecSheet_Sept09
Push Button Control Stations
CI-3B Series: Exterior Use Control Stations
» CI-3B-PB Series_Spec Sheet-R1
CI-PB Series: Interior Use Control Stations
» CI-3B-PB Series_Spec Sheet-R1
Access Control Systems
CV-110SPK: Slim Line Proximity Reader and Keypad
» CV-110SPK_Spec Sheet-R1
CV-350: TCP/IP Access Control System
» CV-350_Spec Sheet
CV-500PPK: Stand-alone Proximity Reader and Keypad
» CV-500PPK/V2-Spec Sheet-R1
CV-550SPK: Stand-Alone Proximity Reader and Keypad
» CV-550SPK_Spec Sheet-R1
CV-602: MPROX 2 - Two Door Proximity Access Control System
» CV-602_Spec Sheet-R1
CV-634/626 Series: Piezo System Keypads & Keypad/Readers
» CV-626-634_Spec Sheet-R3
CV-710SL: Surface Mount Metal Wiegand Keypad
» CV-710SL_Spec Sheet
CV-900: Designer Series Wiegand Devices
» CV-900 Designer Series_Spec Sheet
» CV-900_Spec Sheet-R1
CV-945: Stand-Alone Fingerprint Reader
» CV-945 Spec Sheet Rev 3
: CV-601 MPROX - Single Door Proximity Access Control System
» CV-601_Spec Sheet-R3
Phone Entry Systems
CV-800: Serial to Wiegand interface
» CV-800_Spec Sheet-R1
CV-TAC400: Telephone Entry System
» CV-TAC400_Spec Sheet-R2
CV-TACIP100: VOIP Telephone Entry System
» CV-TACIP-100_Spec SheetR2
Spec Sheets
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